Smart receipts and rewards where you need them

Refive helps you organise all your receipts (offline and online) in one place, so you have them available with one klick!

And there's more to it: Earn awesome rewards for collecting receipts in refive!


Earn Rewards

Collect reward points just for organising your paper and email receipts together, and engaging with your merchant. Swap these points for value at some of your favourite retailers - because who needs another frying pan as a reward?

You can also collect points in more and more stores by getting a smart receipt from refive at checkout. Just ask in your favourite shop!

All Your Receipts

Refive likes all kinds of receipts. Whether they're from your favourite online store, or your local supermarket - refive can organise them all in one central place.

It also doesn't matter whether you pay by cash, credit card, or any other payment method at the checkout.


A Logical Change

Paper receipts have not made sense for a long time. They don't provide any meaningful value, they are difficult to store, and damaging to the environment.

Join us on our journey to modernise receipts, by using our intelligent, valuable and less damaging refive receipts.

A Smarter Receipt

With a refive receipt, you'll soon have access to item-level smart features.

You want to know how healthy your sandwich is? No worries, refive can show you item-level nutritional information. You want to know how to build your furniture? Easy, refive can show you assembly instructions!

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We take security seriously

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256-bit TLS encryption

We use the highest and most secure level of encryption. Your data is therefore protected at all times.

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We comply with all standards set under the GDPR framework regarding data protection and privacy in the European Union.

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Server location

All our servers are located in Germany.


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