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Discover the superpower of your digital receipts

No more stamps and membership cards in your already full wallet - With refive, you make space for rewards you love! Get more out of your receipt with the refive rewards loyalty program and earn yourself a great reward for the next purchase at your favourite store.


How it works

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Create a refive account

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Go shopping & earn points with every receipt*

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Redeem points in refive rewards shop

How to earn points

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einen refive Kassenbon von einem Händler erhältst.

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ein Foto eines gescannten Bons hochlädst.

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eine E-Mail mit einer digitalen Rechnung weiterleitest.

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jemanden zu refive einlädst.

What you'll earn


Punkte + 10 Punkte pro Euro für Transaktionen bei refive Partnern


Punkte pro hochgeladenen Fotobeleg


Punkte pro hochgeladenen Emailbeleg


Punkte für eine erfolgreiche Empfehlung

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Everything at a glance

With the refive rewards loyalty program, you have all your points and offered rewards ready to hand on your smartphone and don't have to keep on searching in your wallet for the right card. That's how you never miss a good deal again!

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Rewards that fit to you

Rewards are awesome, but even the third pot is getting too much some time. With the refive rewards program you decide yourself what you would like to redeem your points for and thereby, receive personal treasures from refive partners.

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Get to know your neighbourhood

You love local shopping? Soon you can discover even more awesome stores and delicious gastronomy in your neighbourhood over the digital loyalty program and see what kind of great rewards you can directly redeem there.


Support your favourite shops and stay up-to-date about new stuff right around your corner.

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It's your choice

Swap your rewards points for vouchers and discounts at all of the retailers located on the rewards section available inside the refive rewards shop. Choose a great reward of your beloved store or discover new faves!

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